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ACC Utility Expense Management Platform

Conserving natural resources and lowering utilty costs.

Like any home, student housing communities are full of people using electricity and water and generating waste. The scale of ACC’s portfolio is much larger, of course, making tracking and reducing our consumption of natural resources a huge challenge. 

ACC’s asset management and decarbonization team succesfully tackled this challenge by designing and implementing a sophisticated utility expense management platform. This platform, which took four years to create, analyzes over 20,000 monthly utility bills for opportunities to reduce resource consumption and costs. In addition to tracking overall usage, our team can assess how external factors, like time of year and weather, affect consumption.

The UEM data enables us to measure ACC’s carbon footprint so we can work toward our emissions reduction goals. It also helps us develop conservation measures like smart thermostats and plumbing retrofits at both new and existing properties.