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Hi, How Are You Project | Mental Wellness

Increasing mental health awareness and connecting students with resources.

Mental wellness is a core component of overall health and well-being, and ACC is a staunch proponent of mental health awareness for college students. Our goal is to remove the stigma around talking about mental health and seeking help.

Together with our long-term partners at Hi, How Are You Project, a mental health awareness nonprofit, we developed trainings that equip our community assistants to provide peer-to-peer mental health support to residents at ACC communities nationwide. We also hold awareness events around Hi, How Are You Day, Mental Health Awareness Month and National Suicide Prevention Week. 

Developing Industrywide Programs

ACC and HHAYP also worked with other student housing industry leaders to launch the College Student Mental Health Wellness Advocacy Coalition and conduct the first Thriving College Student Index benchmark survey of college students’ mental health in the U.S. and Canada. Together we’ll use these findings to develop industrywide programs that help residents recognize challenges and connect to resources.